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Singles Guide to Home Buying

Buying a home can be an intimidating experience, especially if you're taking this big life step alone.
Whether you are single, widowed or divorced - it can make the home buying experience more challenging, but we're here to help! Here's some tips and things to consider if you're buying a home as a single person:

Look at your financial situation as a whole. Just like a couple buying a home, you must do a detailed inventory of income, assets and recurring financial obligations to see what you can afford. We're happy to help you get started by getting you pre-qualified and figuring out exactly what price range you should be looking at houses in. 

What are the additional costs of owning a home? If you're working off a single income, it would be wise to be a little more conservative when coming up with a monthly budget including things like property taxes, insurance, maintenance, landscaping, repairs, HOA dues, etc.

Beef up the emergency fund. Instead of a customary 3 or 6 month emergency fund, single homeowners should plan for having additional savings to be safe. 

House or condo? Consider whether you want the low-maintenance condo life or a conventional home with landscaping responsibilities, etc. Would you rather live in a neighborhood with children or one with mostly other single adults? Be sure to check differences in HOA fees, they're likely going to be higher with a condo.

Size. When purchasing a home, it's smart to think about what your life might be like in a few years. Will you be getting married at some point? Do you have children from a previous marriage? Do you want to consider a roommate to help with costs? These factors will play a role in the size of home you choose.

Shop for your home with a trusted, experienced friend or relative. Along with your agent, you should ask advice from a friend or family member that has purchased a home before; their advice can be very helpful.

Buying with a friend. If you and a friend or relative who is not a spouse decide to purchase a home together, consult with an attorney or lawyer. Purchasing with a non-spouse can present some issues so it is wise to be aware of the property laws in your area.

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